Heretic's fork
Dear candidate! We are pleased to offer you the job and extend a warm welcome to our team. As you may know, we have some overpopulation issues that we believe can be resolved with your help. You will be tasked with punishing sinners using our computer system, HERETIC'S FORK, developed by DeusVult Inc.
D. Fox
Lacks motivation, but gets the work done. Starts with Holy damage towers, with a deck focused on upgrading them.
Gains “Repent”, the ability to redraw the hand once per turn
Choose a demon to act as your subordinate who will manage all site operations. Protect the rift between Hell and Earth from escape attempts by dwelling heretics. Punish sinners with monstrous towers that deal Holy, Unholy, and Hellfire damage.
N. Biblyat
Seems to have been here forever. Thrives in the place between life and death.
Gains Dark Bargain, the ability to sacrifice HP in return for more power charges
Plan strategies and build strength using our deck-building system. Achieve great results to receive more cards for your deck. Work for various departments, each representing a circle of Hell, and cooperate with them.
Just an intern, has no special abilities and starts with a randomised basic deck to get you started
She thinks that it’s dumb that the newest manager is stuck with the newest employee. Prove her wrong.
Ensure that sinners do not damage our property by keeping them from passing through. Receive wages for each shift based on the number of sinners punished. Your success depends solely on you. Be an integral part of our fun and delightful team with a shared dark sense of humor.